Quality of work - outstanding! You cannot even tell I was in an accident. They matched the paint perfectly.
Timely- my car was repaired effectively and efficiently! Great turn around time!
Customer service- this was the only are of opportunity which kept them from getting 5 starts. The customer service wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It was mediocre. 
PRICE- the price was fair, I had priced several collision repair shops in the area they were in the cheaper to midrange.           ~ Anthony D
I was really happy with the service, communication, and comfortable waiting area. The entire team was very accommodating and made the hassle of getting my car repaired a seamless one. They even coordinated the rental car pickup and drop off (with Enterprise). ~ Nina K
Will never take my care anywhere else! AMAZING job on my Jetta. Excellent customer service too! ~ Mackenna C
We all know how crazy Christmas time can be when it comes to driving and parking, with that said I had just bought a new car  and had parked the car far away to avoid any dings but guess what, I get back to my car and found a nice scratch on my door that no scratch X can fix. 
Decided to take my car to Premier after hearing they do an amazing job with paint and detailing boy were they right. From the get go Kyle was very nice and professional, he knew the answer to all my questions and was very helpful. Having worked on cars myself, I know he wasn't just just blabbing random stuff, he knows the insides and outs of the automotive business. I'm very pleased with the work he and his staff has provided and I couldn't be more happier that my car looks better than when I took it off the lot. Definitely would recommend! ~Edgar G
These guys/gals are excellent. they are on top of it and always keep you up to date on your vehicle. Scott Wodin really takes care of things right the first time. Anything your vehicle needs, body related, I wouldn't go anywhere else or deal with anyone else! ~Frank R